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About PLAY - Purpose Leadership Adventure for Youth

About Us

Building A Foundation

What Happens At A PLAY Camp?

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A school in a township and a school in the city each nominate thirty students based on their potential to be leaders.


  • Teaching: Sessions cover topics like discovering your meaning, purpose, and mission in life – the qualities and character of positive leadership – identifying your unique gifting, passions, abilities, and experiences that equip you to lead – and rape awareness and prevention.
  • Small groups: A counselor leads discussions after sessions developing deeper understanding, application, and relationships.
  • Team building activities: These challenges teach situation analysis, problem-solving, strategizing, inclusiveness, collaboration, and goal-setting while improving communication and relationship skills.
  • Baptisms: Each PLAY camp offers the children an opportunity to proclaim their faith through baptism.


These 60 students return to their schools as leaders of purpose, love, value, peace, character, and integrity. Not only has PLAY reached these children but an entire school of hundreds of children are now being led in a positive direction!

PLAY campers stay in contact with each other and continue to build relationships and encourage each other to love God and love Others through life’s opportunities and challenges long after camp is over.

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